Eye-Catching Floating Eyeliner Trends for 2023

Enhancing your eyes with captivating eyeliner styles is a timeless way to add drama and allure to your makeup look. In 2023, the floating eyeliner trend has taken center stage, offering a fresh take on traditional eyeliner techniques. From bold double-winged designs to playful colorful liners, these trends allow you to express your creativity and make a statement. Let’s dive into the eye-catching floating eyeliner trends that are stealing the spotlight this year.

1. Introduction to Floating Eyeliner Trends

Floating eyeliner trends involve creating captivating designs that appear to “float” above the traditional lash line. These styles break away from the conventional eyeliner application and open the door to a world of creative possibilities. From bold and dramatic to subtle and whimsical, floating eyeliner techniques offer a wide range of looks to suit various occasions.

2. Double Wing Eyeliner: Timeless Elegance


The double-wing eyeliner style brings a touch of timeless elegance to your eyes. By adding a second wing to your upper lash line, you create a stunning symmetrical effect that enhances your eye shape. This technique works beautifully for various eye shapes and can be customized to your preferred level of drama.

3. Cat Eye: The Classic Drama


The cat eye is a classic eyeliner style that never goes out of fashion. Using liquid eyeliner on the top lash line, extend the line sharply upward to create the iconic cat-eye flick. This style adds a touch of drama and allure to your look, making it perfect for both daytime and evening occasions.

4. Smoky Eye: Nighttime Glamour


For a sultry nighttime look, embrace the smoky eye floating eyeliner trend. Begin by applying a light eyeshadow, then blend a darker shade into the crease. Line your upper lashes with black eyeliner to intensify the smoky effect and create a mesmerizing gaze.

5. Graphic Liner: Artistic Expression

Statement-makers rejoice over the graphic liner trend. Using liquid eyeliner, you can create bold and intricate designs that express your artistic side. Whether you opt for geometric shapes, abstract lines, or unique patterns, the graphic liner trend allows you to showcase your creativity.

6. Colorful Liner: Playful Charm

Add a pop of color to your eyes with the colorful liner trend. This playful style involves coloring your top lash line with vibrant shades. To soften the look, smudge the color slightly. You can choose any color that complements your attire or opt for a shade that matches your mood.

7. White Liner: Brightening Effect

White liner is a secret weapon for brightening your eyes. Apply white eyeliner to your upper lash line to create a fresh and awake appearance. For added impact, extend the white liner into a dramatic wing that beautifully contrasts with your eye shadow.

8. Holographic Liner: Futuristic Fun

Step into the future with the holographic liner trend. Applying holographic eyeliner to your upper lash line creates a mesmerizing effect that catches the light and adds dimension to your eyes. For a captivating cat-eye look, extend the holographic liner into a wing.

9. Sparkly Liner: Understated Elegance

Add a touch of understated elegance with sparkly liner. Apply sparkling eyeliner to your top lash line to create a subtle yet dazzling effect. To achieve a more subdued look, consider adding glittering dots on your eyelid for a touch of shimmer.

10. Glitter Liner: Festive Glam

Embrace the festive spirit with glitter liner. Apply glitter eyeliner to your upper lash line for a glamorous and eye-catching effect. For a more versatile option, you can opt for glitter dots on your eyelid, creating a playful yet sophisticated look.

Floating eyeliner trends have redefined the way we approach eye makeup, offering a canvas for creativity and self-expression. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of double-wing eyeliner or the futuristic allure of holographic liner, these trends allow you to experiment and have fun with your makeup look. As you explore these eye-catching styles, remember that the key to pulling off any trend is confidence and the willingness to make a bold statement with your makeup choices.


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