#1 Best Fast-Food Smoothie for Fat Loss

Smoothies are meant to be meals in a cup; filling, but also healthy to give you all the nutrients you need. However, when it comes to fast-food smoothies

It seems as if the nutritious part of the drink fades out and gets replaced by sugary, processed ingredients. While making smoothies at home can be a healthier option

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Especially when trying to watch your abdominal fat, it's not always convenient. Fast-food smoothies are a quick, easy option when you're on the run.

"Finding a great fast-food smoothie to support your weight loss efforts can be tough given that so many smoothies from restaurants are more like milkshakes,"

Although this may seem discouraging, there happens to be one chain that hits the nail on the head when it comes to healthier ingredients that help to stimulate weight loss. 

This smoothie fast-food chain allows you to customize your smoothie, which is a great way to build a drink that will fit perfectly into an eating pattern for weight loss.

The replacement beverage was a specially formulated powder consisting of a decadent flavor, texture, and mouthfeel that contained protein, fiber, and crystalline fructose

Along with more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Each subject was placed on an appropriate calorie-restricted diet during their individual diet counseling session.

It helped to measure changes in satiety (fullness) over time after consuming the meal replacement beverage, in which subjects reportedly said they went from feeling relatively

Hungry before drinking the beverage to feeling full 15 minutes following the beverage. That feeling of fullness lasted over two hours, which in term helped lose weight and shrink their BMI.

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