10 Best Non-Breakfast Usage For Eggs

1. Frittata

Another high-protein, low-carb dish that's easy enough to get from the kitchen.frittata is a great way to use up leftover, well, anything! All those small bits of meats and vegetables

2. Scotch Eggs

Hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage? Yes, this will do quite nicely please. And not just plain, Scotch eggs take well to tomato sauce or even better, served on a bun like a hamburger.

3. Ham and Leek Quiche

There is something about the subtleness of leeks instead of onions in a warm, cheesy quiche.the leftovers are great cold the next morning for breakfast.

4. Sunny side up spinach salad

Put some spinach on a plate with a simple vinaigrette or Italian dressing. Fry two eggs sunny side up in a couple of teaspoons of olive oil to desired firmness.

5. Egg drop soup

Egg drop soup is a classic Chinese restaurant treat.add sliced tofu and shiitake mushrooms to make a dinner that will satisfy even the pickiest vegetarians

6. Shakshuka

A warm sauce of crushed tomatoes, roasted peppers, cumin, cayenne pepper and garlic are the perfect recipe to poach eggs.

7. Egg salad sandwich

Try adding things like smoked paprika, Hungarian hot paprika, chopped cornishons or capers, fennel or even bacon.

8. Tomato and Asparagus Quiche

There is something so wonderful and summery about a light tomato and asparagus quiche.Want a little extra tartness in your pan? Add feta to your quiche.

9. Cobb Salad

You can't have a classic cobb salad recipe – chicken, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes and avocado with out its star; hard boiled eggs. 

10. Savory Filled Egg Crepes

Delicate egg crepes are perfect for filling a recipe with cooked spinach,mushrooms, sausage,avocados or cheese and hearty meal for families with gluten dietary restrictions

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