10 best non-breakfast uses for eggs

1.Egg Flatbread Pizza

 With some pizza dough from the deli case, the sauce of your choice – both pesto or a simple alfredo work wonders to bring out the creaminess of eggs.

2.Scrambled Egg Fried Rice

 Eggs take on another dimension when scrambled eggs dance with vegetables and rice in a hot wok. Want to add bacon? And of course you can always add bacon. 

3.Pasta carbonara

 You can thank eggs for their richness the next time you dig into a a plate of spaghetti alla carbonara, but if you want to make it even more decadent, top with a soft poached egg.

4.Omelette sandwich

 Take breakfast and make it sandwich! Omelettes, the morning's perfectly customizable dish - peppers, onions, salmon, herbs, brisket - are the perfect filling for your toast.

5.Egg avocado toast

 Gourmet avocado toasts are one of the biggest food trends for 2016, take it one step further and top thick toast and seasoned mashed avocados with poached or soft-cooked eggs. 

6.Croque Madame 

Creamy bechamel sauce, tangy mustard, thick toasted bread, all with fried egg on top? Pair with small green salad and suddenly dinner takes on French bistro flair with croque madame.

7.Steak Tartare with Egg

 Steak tartare may seem like something people just ordered  Wall Street movies, but this simple recipe is easy to create at home with chopped  onions, capers, parsley and egg.

8.Huevo rancheros

 huevo rancheros combine some of proteins, eggs and beans, to make for a filling, satisfying dinner after a long day. Tortillas, salsa and an egg? Doesn't get much better than this. 

9.Corned beef hash with egg

 Want to really kick up your favorite corned beef hash recipe? Slide a couple of fried eggs on top. Want to really make it special, add some mini pierogies to your hash.

10.Baked avocado egg cups

Looking to avoid carbs? Crack eggs into avocado halves, season to taste (ancho chili powder is great on these) and bake in a 425º oven and for 10-15 minutes.

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