10 cookies you have never had before

Fruitcake Cookies

The poor, misunderstood fruitcake is transformed when baked in cookie form; soft dates, candied pineapple, cherries, pecans and all

Kuping Gajah

Chocolate and vanilla come together for these crisp Indonesian cookies named after elephant ears. These cookies are quickly fried like a chip instead of baked.

Panellets de Coco

These Catalan marzipan cookies are given a hefty showering of coconut in these easy-to-make treats. 

Mexican  Cookies

Almonds and powdered sugar make these delicate Mexican wedding cookies almost as sweet as the bride

Worm Flour Cookies

In many parts of the world, getting enough protein is a tough task, and local bakers make cookies and crackers with mealworm flour for the extra boost

Rainbow Cookies

Venetian cookies or seven-layer cookies, these spongy cookies are made from almond flour and layers of apricot or raspberry jam

Lavender Shortbread

Simple shortbread takes on an air of refinement with the addition of edible lavender flowers to the dough

Chocolate Chip Cookie 

By melting semisweet chocolate into cup-shaped chocolate chip cookies, you get a perfect glass for milk and cookies no one will forget

Pignoli Cookies

Pine nuts, honey and almost paste go into the classic Sicilian pignoli cookies. these cookies fool you; airy egg whites make these chewy treats from being too dense

Pecan Parmesan

Savory shortbreads get their punch from herbs, nuts and even cracked pepper, making tea time anything but dainty

Mexican Cookies

Delicious, nutty Mexican wedding cookies, a traditional treat that's rolled in powdered sugar, are perfect for any special occasion

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