10 delicious twists on classic lasagna

When it comes to this cheesy black bean lasagna recipe from Taste of Home. That cheese, by the way, isn’t just your typical combination.

Black Bean Lasagna

We recommend this butternut squash and sage lasagna recipe from Martha Stewart, which uses a cream-based sauce and no tomatoes whatsoever.

Butternut Squash and Sage Lasagna

When making lasagna,chefs almost always opt for lasagna noodles.That seems logical,but this slideshow isn’t about logic. Instead,try swapping out the traditional pasta for cannelloni

Cannelloni Lasagna

The tomato sauce in favor of alfredo and adds ham and fresh cremini mushrooms to the mix - plus some thinly sliced and in-season zucchini.

Ham and Mushroom Lasagna

Feel free to make it larger if you can spare the oven space, or lay it out in the aesthetically pleasing spiral design shown here - should you opt to be truly daring, that is.

Lasagna Pizza

Lasagna primavera, like any pasta primavera, is made with fresh vegetables. It uses peas, spinach, and carrots, but the exact veggies are of course up to you!

Lasagna Primavera

Turn your lasagna into a portion-controlled side dish or just a well-presented main course with this adorable lasagna roll-up recipe from Kraft.

Lasagna Roll-Ups

Don’t sweat it! If you have a muffin tin, you can make numerous mini lasagnas using only eight ingredients and 40 minutes of your time.

Mini Lasagna Cups

Also known as “Greek lasagna,” pastitsio is similar to the Italian version, except the pasta used is ziti, the cheese used is kasseri or kefalotyri


Pumpkin season is right around the corner, so be sure to add this pumpkin lasagna recipe from Food & Wine to your arsenal now. In reality, you could actually make this dish at any time.

Pumpkin Lasagna