10 Discontinued Cereals We Miss

Magic Puffs

This thematic cereal might be one of the best things to come out of the 1970s. The cereal itself was deliciously sweet for breakfast, but each box had magic tricks inside.

Cinnamon Mini Buns

Yes, there used to be a cereal you could buy that was miniature cinnamon roll buns, and we're still sad Kellogg's stopped making it. We know it's easy enough to recreate at home.

Hidden Treasures

The little bite-size pieces were filled with a fruity center—but not all of them! It was the ideal situation because it meant you weren't getting too much filling in each bite

Crazy Cow

The cereal was released in the late 1970s and saw a big push in sales from Star Wars fans when they started putting trading cards in the boxes. 


In the 1980s, we were all enjoying C-3PO's, a honey-flavored cereal similar to cereal but shaped like little B's and 8's. This cereal conveniently came out right after the first Star Wars 

Mini Trix

Mini Trix came and went in a flash. This cereal was released in the mid-2010s and was exactly what it sounds like: mini Trix pieces. Whereas the classic Trix cereal is small fruit- pieces

Marshmallow Krispies

This cereal from the '80s didn't last because it's seemingly the perfect formula for a breakfast treat. Kellogg's creation was quite simply toasted rice cereal with marshmallow


The breakfast selection from the 1970s was tiny little crunchy waffle bites flavored with maple syrup, and they were better than any other waffle cereal to come after it.

Sprinkle Spangles

This cereal was like mini sugar cookie pieces in a bowl. The popular '90s cereal was sweetened corn puffs covered in rainbow sprinkles.


Pac-Man had his own cereal in the 1980s. Like many kinds of cereal, it was sweetened corn puffs with marshmallow bits. Naturally, the marshmallows were shaped like Pac-Man characters.

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