10 Discontinued Soda Drinks

This berry-flavored Sprite drink was all the rage in the early 2000s. These days, you'll have to stick with the classic lemon-lime flavor.the surface of its surrounding potting mix.

1. Sprite Remix

The world just wasn't ready for coffee-flavored Coke. But Coca-Cola is trying the combination again! "Coca-Cola with Coffee" sounds like the next iteration of Coca-Cola Blak

2. Coca-Cola Blak

Coke's new recipe was debuted in 1985; younger fans may only remember it from Stranger Things. Unfortunately, fans preferred the original Coke formula, and New Coke didn't last.

3. New Coke

Clear-colored Pepsi was an interesting concept, but it wasn't interesting enough to keep this drink on store shelves. But children of the '90s will still remember this novelty.

4. Crystal Pepsi

In the early '90s, Coke tried to appeal to Gen Xers with these arty soda cans. But OK Soda lived up to its mediocre name and didn't last long on shelves.

5. OK Soda

Coke and lime are a natural pairing, so it's a bit of a mystery why this soda flavor didn't work out. At least you can still add a lime wedge to your Coke.

6. Coca-Cola with Lime

For a short time in the '80s, there was 7-Up Gold, a spice-flavored soda similar to ginger ale. Despite its fun advertising, this soda didn't last long.

7. 7-Up Gold

You'd expect weird-colored soda from Mountain Dew, but blue Pepsi was in a league of its own. This early 2000s creation didn't last long before it was discontinued.

8. Pepsi Blue

Pepsi has had quite a few soda missteps over the years. But Pepsi Holiday Spice had plenty of fans who were crushed about its disappearance.

9. Pepsi Holiday Spice

With its multicolored floating balls of gelatin, Orbitz looked like the soda of the future. But the drink's odd texture didn't win fans over, and it was discontinued in the late '90s.

10. Orbitz Soda