10 Food Products That Surprisingly Never Expire

A coffee bean or ground bean lasts forever! The misconception from people is that coffee never expires.

Instant Coffee

The USDA states that dried beans usually last just two years before expiring, but it is possible to keep them indefinitely

Dried Beans

White rice is known to survive 5 years on average, but it can last even longer when stored properly

White Rice

when we run out of milk at home. Most stores out there will have a use-by date within 18 months from the manufactured date

Powdered Milk

The indigenous peoples of North America created maple syrup. Canadians dominate maple syrup production by exporting 

Maple Syrup

The shelf life of alcohol is longer than other food products. Distilled drinks can have an indefinite shelf life because they don’t spoil very quickly

Hard Alcohols

The pure form of salt harvested from the ocean and lakes are considered to never expire


Sugar products last longest when kept in an airtight container, but will eventually crumble if the packaging isn’t sealed.


They consist of acetic acid concentrations between 5 and 8 percent. While talking about vinegar’s shelf life, they are indefinite


Being so sweet in terms of taste, honey is considered a food product that has no expiry date. It consists of excellent shelf life


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