10 foods that can cause headaches

Cold cuts are a go-to solution for lunch, but their high concentration of preservatives called nitrites may leave you with a headache.

Cold cuts

It’s also known to trigger migraines. Its high nitrite levels, rather than its significant fat content, is to blame.


A bit of coffee in the morning can help get your day going. But drinking too much can actually cause a headache.


 Large quantities of monosodium glutamate found in many Asian sauces and soups are to blame.

Chinese food

Some yogurt contains ingredients like aspartame, which can cause migraines in certain people.


 The human body produces an enzyme, monoamine oxidase (MAO), to break down tyramine.

Aged cheese

Tea has many benefits, but if you want to reduce your risk of headache, stay away with blends that contain high concentrations of caffeine


Typically high in caffeine and sugar, carbonated beverages can cause headaches


Wine, and red wine in particular, is known to trigger headaches of short or medium duration. 


Researchers also discovered that the number of migraine sufferers increased during peanut harvesting season in Tamil Nadu, India.