10 foods that cause bad breath


Alcohol just being potent, it’s also a diuretic, which causes your mouth to dry out. Without saliva to wash anything away, the bad-breath bacteria lingers and grows

Canned fish

Canned fish is stinky, and it’ll make your breath the same way. The fish begins to oxidize as soon as it’s canned, which leads to the strong scent that stubbornly sticks around.


Cheese is downright stinky. There’s no denying that, as some of the best-tasting cheeses smell atrocious. On top of that, when bacteria breaks down the lactose


 The strange thing is that coffee generally smells good, but not after someone drinks it. The reason is similar to the situation with alcohol


Garlic contains two types of sulfur compounds, which enter your bloodstream via your stomach and exit your body via your lungs, meaning you’re literally breathing 


Allyl isothiocyanate is an organosulfur compound that’s prevalent in horseradish and is responsible for its extremely strong odor


They’re right about the potency of onions, as they contain similar sulfur compounds as garlic, and thus have a similar effect. The Beasties will never steer you wrong.


Ever heard of keto breath? It’s a side effect of a ketogenic diet, a high-protein diet that restricts the intake of carbs so the body instead burns stored fat.

Spicy peppers

The spicy taste that stays in your mouth after eating something hot, like a pepper? You’re not imagining it. Peppers can actually leave your tongue temporarily coated with spices

Tomato sauce

A nice hearty tomato sauce tastes like heaven, but it can be hell on your breath. Bacteria thrive in acidic environments, and on top of that, tomato sauce