10 Foods That Make You Constipated


It's just that anytime you eat a low-fiber snack (like chips, cookies, or pretzels), you're passing up the opportunity to eat something more wholesome that supports digestive health.

Underripe Bananas

Though ripe yellow nanners made our list of the foods that make you poop, their green, underripe cousins have the opposite effect, landing them a spot on our list of foods


They're not the most popular fruit on the block—and maybe that's a good thing. Though sweet persimmons won't likely wreak havoc on your digestive system


If you swallow enough pieces, however, it may just form a mass that will block your digestive tract and cause constipation. Womp, womp.


Foods they thought were to blame for their stomach issues. Strangely enough, chocolate was a top offender for foods that cause constipation. 

Rib-Eye Steak

Protein and fat are both nutrients that take a longggg time to digest. And rib-eye is filled to the gills with both of them, which can back you up and make you feel uncomfortably full. 

White Bread

Every time you make a sandwich with white bread, you're passing up an opportunity to consume some fiber-packed whole grains. 

Frozen Dinners

Most heat-and-eat dinners contain next to no fiber and high amounts of fat and salt, which can result in water retention. 

Milk & Cheese

Full-fat dairy is all the rage right now—and it's not without good reason. Not only can certain full-fat foods increase satiety and in turn, aid weight loss

Energy Drinks & Coffee

Coffee promotes a "gastrocolic response" in the body shortly after consumption, which causes many people high-tail it to the bathroom after a cup or two.

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