10 Foods That Wreak Havoc On Your Body


High in both fat and salt, sausages have never made it onto any diet list.

But just as human beings didn't evolve to eat junk food

Corn-Fed Beef

Those are sprouts, which, although being widely promoted as a healthy meal, may be exceedingly hazardous.


Canned fruits

There's no need to stock up on canned fruits unless you're going to be trapped somewhere.

Farmed salmon has 32% more calories than wild salmon and 3 times its saturated fat content.

Farmed Salmon

Store-Bought Sandwiches

Sitting on the refrigerator shelf, they might appear fairly fresh and tempting, and we may even assume that we are choosing the "healthier" choice.

Avoid fried foods for the calories but also for the risk of trans fats from the hydrogenated oils used in most fast food chains.

Fried foods

Pancakes From Prepared Pancake Mix

Although instant pancake mixes are convenient, did you realise that they include trans-fats?

Bacon, like other processed meat, contains unhealthy fats, nitrates, and salt.