10 Foods with More Folate than Kale

1. Spinach

 spinach is actually the best plant-based source of folate. It has 131 mcg per cooked half-cup, which is 22% of the recommended daily intake for pregnant women

2. Supermarket Bread

Young says. And while it's probably best not to rely solely on supermarket bread, it's reassuring to know that a slice of white bread contains 50 mcg

3. Breakfast Cereal

 a serving of most breakfast cereals will deliver 100 mcg, 17% of a pregnant woman's daily needs, and 25% of the needs of other adults

4. Black-Eyed Peas

They've got 105 mcg of folate per half-cup (17% of the RDA for pregnant women, 26% for other adults

5. Asparagus

Asparagus is a folate powerhouse, with 89 mcg in just four spears. That's 15% of your needs if you're pregnant, and 22% if you're not

6. Brussels Sprouts

 They've got 78 mcg of folate per half-cup, which means that pregnant women will get 13% of their daily requirement and other adults will get 20%

7. White Rice

It has 15% (90 mcg) of your daily needs if you're pregnant, and 22% if you're not

8. Avocado

know that a half-cup (sliced) will deliver 59 mcg of folate—10% of your daily needs if you're pregnant, and 15% if you're not

10. Crab

This sweet shellfish packs 39 mcg of folate in 3 ounces, which is 9% of what most adults need daily.

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