10 foods you had no idea were fruits

1. Okra

You might have thought okra is a vegetable—or maybe you had no idea what okra was—but it’s actually a fruit. Although okra can be prepared as a vegetable

2. Olives

Olives look kind of like grapes, which makes sense because both are fruits.but different kinds of fruits. Grapes are berries, but olives are stone like peaches, plums, and mangoes

3. Pea pods

Like beans and green beans, pea pods are also fruits. The pods are the vessels that carry the seeds, which are the actual peas!

4. Persimmons

It’s botanically in the berry family, even though it doesn’t look anything like a berry and actually bears a strong resemblance to a tomato.

5. Pumpkins

Apple-picking and pumpkin-picking are similar in that both involve the harvesting of fruit. 

6. Rambutan

The fact that they’re edible at all! They look like they’re more likely to eat you, or like something you’d see while scuba diving. But they actually grow on land—on trees in Southeast Asia

7. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is typically eaten for breakfast and dessert—and not as a side dish with poultry

8. Squash

All types of squash are fruits, including varieties like acorn, butternut, and yellow squash.they can also sprout their own flowers—called squash blossoms

9. Tomato

This seed-bearing food is a fruit, much to the surprise of many. Tomatoes are also in the Solanaceae nightshade family, are a solid source of umami flavor, and contain antioxidants.

10. Zucchini

Even zucchini is botanically a fruit! Like its squash relatives, zucchini grows from a seed and produces seeds, and thus is a fruit.

10 foods you didn’t know were fruits