10 Grown-Up Versions Of Peanut Butter

Adult PB&J

The peanut butter out for almond butter (pictured), because almonds are all the rage right now and apparently better for you. You could also try sunflower seed butter as another alternative.

Banana Bread PB&J

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich made with peanut butter and jelly banana bread. That’s the bread pictured, and the Taste and Tell Blog is where you can learn to make it.

Burgerized PB&J

You can stay up as late as you want, drink milk directly out of the carton, and you’re finally allowed to operate a grill. Because this is America.

Crȇpe avec PB&J

If you don’t speak French, avec means “with,” and “crrȇpe” means crȇpe. Now that we’ve got that intensive language lesson out of the way, feel free to start adding PB&J to your crȇpes.

Deep-Fried PB&J

If your regular PB&J seems too healthy then consider deep-frying the whole thing. Just remember that deep-fried food tastes best fresh, so be sure to eat it right away.

French Toast PB&J

Start by making two slices of French toast. However, before flipping the bread, spread peanut butter on one slice’s grilled side and jelly on the other slice’s grilled side.

Fresh Fruit PB&J

Next time you make a PB&J,skip the preservative-packed preserves and go for something a little fresher...like fresh fruit! it’s strawberries,raspberries,kiwi, or even pomegranate seeds

Grilled PB&J

it’s okay to reach for your favorite brands of peanut butter and jelly – even if it’s the same kinds you ate as a kid. Once the sandwich is constructed, lightly butter both sides

PB&J Bread

If you were intrigued by the banana bread PB&J recipe but are also some kind of banana-hater who thinks that bananas are the Banana Runts of fruit, then this is the recipe for you.

PB&J Cake

Your parents were right when they told you kids can’t eat cake for breakfast. But now that you’re an adult, go nuts! Besides, cake is basically bread, right? So you’re not being immature

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