10 Instant Pot Dishes Are Worth Trying

This spinach garlic rice—or Lahsuni Palak Pulao—recipe is a nostalgic one for Lakshminarayan, as it was her mother's favorite dish when she was growing up

Spinach garlic rice

This meatless masala curry is perfect for weeknights," writes Lakshminarayan of her Chettinad black-eyed peas vegan curry recipe, and further explains the dish's background

Chettinad black-eyed peas

This versatile breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe uses the Instant Pot for its black bean sauce. As is, the ingredients are vegetarian but can be made vegan

Vegetarian black bean

The ingredients are simple, as is the Instant Pot process with just 10 minutes of prep and 10 minutes of cooking. You'll need six potatoes, salt, and turmeric powder

Instant Pot mashed potatoes

These black beans taco boats are also gluten-free. To form the taco boats, you'll need taco shells. Other ingredients are raw black beans, bell pepper, garlic cloves,

Vegan black beans taco boats

That flavoring comes from the lentils, which Lakshminarayan reminds are "great meat substitutes," and several vegetables such as carrots, green chilies, greens, paprika, and tomatoes.

Vegan lentil soup

These will be your necessary ingredients: butternut squash, chickpeas, coconut milk, coconut oil, vegan red Thai curry paste, ginger-garlic paste.

Vegan Thai butternut squash curry

Set 30 minutes aside to try this yellow pea Instant Pot curry chili recipe, derived from South Indian-style Kozhumbu. This chili is a gluten-free, low-fat, and vegan dish

Yellow peas curry chili

Vegan chana masala recipe can be made in an Instant Pot or on a stovetop, depending on your preference. "Chana masala, which literally means chickpea curry, is usually a vegan curry,

Vegan chana masala

This vegan mint potato rice recipe is easily customizable based on which vegetables you want to use. The veggies incorporated by Lakshminarayan are cilantro, green chili peppers.

Vegan mint potato rice

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