10 Most Outrageous Food that Failed

Besides that, this condiment is color wheel-approved, perfectly contrasting the green shreds of lettuce on your burger. So why in the world would Heinz decide to release green

Heinz E-Z Squirt

Soda is obviously bad for your health, but bacon soda? That just sounds plain toxic. Good thing we can no longer find this odd drink anywhere but on Amazon.com

Bacon Soda

Dubbed by marketers as a "texturally enhanced alternative beverage," the majority of the population clearly gave this gelatin-ball-infused drink a thumbs down

Orbitz Drink

In order to achieve a virtually fat-free snack, Frito-Lay decided to fry its spuds in olestra, an oil that caused some serious stomach complications, including "leakage."

WOW Chips

We're guessing that the artificially tangy taste wasn't the greatest thing to follow up a salty bag of chips with.

Frito-Lay Lemonade

Veggie chips, veggie burgers, veggie Jell-O? We'll pass. Unless you're one of the few who would enjoy a Bundt-style gelatin salad

Salad Jell-O

Clearly not many, since this java-flavored carbonated beverage was discontinued less than two years after its inception.

Coca-Cola Blak

The cereal giant came up with an invention dubbed Breakfast Mates, which combined all two ingredients plus a spoon into a tiny box. Americanization at its finest.

Kellog's Breakfast Mates

Crystal Pepsi was just your average old Pepsi, minus the opacity. While it was spotted on shelves from 1992-1993, rumor has it that this drink is returning to a store near you. 

Crystal Pepsi

In 1985, Coca-Cola was confident that it could bring "New Coke," an even sweeter version of the toxic beverage, to store shelves everywhere. 

New Coke

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