10 Natural Weapons That Fight Belly Fat


Raspberries are sweet, juicy and oh so good for you! Boasting high levels of potassium, calcium and lutein and zeaxanthin, these succulent berries will fend off belly fat


you should drink half a gallon of water every day, in order to cleanse and detox your body. If you flatten your tummy, be sure to stay away from sparkling water because it can cause bloating.


Almonds are rich in Omega-9's, which are essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help regulate your blood sugar levels, which is key when it comes to avoiding snacking between meals.


Avocados are high in calories, they're filled with healthy fats that help lower cholesterol and regulate your blood sugar. Rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins B and E


White fish is a great source of lean protein because it's low in calories. Try to eat white fish at least twice a week. With the various types out there it should be a breeze!

Chili Peppers

Spice makes you slim by temporarily revving your metabolism, and using chilies in cooking is a perfect way to reap the fat-burning benefits.


Beans optimize nutrient metabolism. They also contain satiating fiber and many soluble vitamins.


also known as flaxseed, can be eaten in seed form or in oils. The seeds are a great addition to a bowl of cereal because they help fight water retention, leaving you looking less bloated.


Grapefruit is almost a hybrid mix of a pommelo and an orange, characterized by its bitter substances. the powerful flavonoid found in grapefruit that's responsible for its bitter taste


Ginger root helps aid and stimulate digestion and is rich in fiber too. Add a bit of grated ginger root to your morning cup of tea for a fat-burning boost! 

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