10 Scrambled Egg Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Storing eggs wrong

Before we even get cracking, let's talk about egg storage. If you're not keeping your eggs in the fridge correctly, the rest of these points will all be for nothing.

High a temperature

It's easy to burn your eggs if the cooktop is too hot, explains Andrew Whitney, executive chef and owner of Dell'anima in New York City. 

Seasoning too soon

Seasoning eggs before cooking them is a no-no, says Hudson. "Adding salt in before the cooking process will break down the eggs and result in a watery scramble

Cracking eggs on the side of the bowl

No one wants to feel the granular crunch of wayward eggshells in their scrambled eggs. Yes, this might be the easiest option

Forgetting to whisk

A common mistake people make when they're in a hurry is to break the eggs straight into the pan. This doesn't give you a chance to whisk the eggs

Using a metal spatula

Metal utensils are great for many things, but cooking scrambled eggs isn't one of them.

Walking away from the pan

You might think it's OK to step away for a second, but with scrambled eggs, you'll want to keep a close eye on things.

Not paying attention to quality

Scrambled eggs are a simple dish, but that doesn't mean you should skimp on top-notch ingredients. If you have the means to splurge on organic eggs

Skipping cream

Are you noticing your scrambled eggs are turning out a tad too dry? Cream could be the answer.

Overlooking an immersion blender

Yes, it's another tool to invest in, but this hand-held blender can work wonders for scrambled eggs.

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