10 Secrets Of Buffalo Wild Wings

Many Buffalo Wild Wings locations have come close to hitting that low point, according to Market Realist.

1. They are running low on their signature item.

Customers seem to have soured on Buffalo Wild Wings.Common complaints include slower service, higher prices, and inferior quality of the food

2. Customer opinion of the chain is sliding.

When B-Dubs was first opened, the restaurant was called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, the "Weck" referring to a roast beef sandwich

3. The name used to be different.

according to Delish. But the sandwich did not sell well – while the wings did – so the owners soon dropped the weck from the menu and the name, sticking with the rubric we know today.

That honor goes to the boneless wings, which have outsold traditional wings for more than half a decade now,

4. The most popular menu item is not a chicken wing.

According to The Counter, those are simply pieces of chicken breast meat cut into strips, coated, and deep-fried. It's misleading to call them wings

5.  The boneless "wings" are not actually wings.

In the year 2017, facing serious financial troubles, Buffalo Wild Wings began to look for someone to buy it.

6. The same company that owns Arby's owns Buffalo Wild Wings.

And that someone, who snapped the company up in early 2018, was Roark Capital, also the owner of the fast-food company Arby's, which is generally one of the least respected fast-food chains

Many former Buffalo Wild Wings employees have complained of being treated unfairly due to their skin color, according to Mashed.

7. The company has been accused of racism multiple times.

even customers have reported discrimination issues, such as a group of black diners who were apparently moved to not sit near some white regulars at one location

Buffalo Wild Wings only gives their employees one branded uniform shirt, the shirt servers are required to wear, says Mashed.

8. Employees usually have to pay for their uniforms.

That means either doing daily laundry when someone has back-to-back days on the books or else means the waiters and waitresses have to lay out their own money to buy a second and third shirt.

A large order of the traditional wings with a spicy garlic sauce packs in a staggering 1,460 calories, 86 grams of fat, and 3,450 milligrams of sodium.

9. Almost none of the food is healthy

Most of the "cooking" that takes place there consists of deep frying and microwaving foods, many of which are stored frozen for  extended periods of time

10. Very little food is Cooked fresh.

And often prepared foods sit under warming lamps for long stretches of time before they are served.