10 Worst Coffee Drinks to Always Leave

Starbucks Coffee Drink

The Starbucks Frappuccino is the OG cold coffee drink and you have likely guzzled many a bottle of this classic, but it's wise to make the last one you had

Dunkin' Iced Coffee

Dunkin's Ice Coffee French Vanilla doesn't fare much better than the Starbucks Frappuccino with 40 grams of total sugar.

Dunkin Coconut Caramel

it's best to leave this Girl Scout Cookie-inspired drink on the shelf. That's because this beverage has 37 grams of sugar, 4.5 grams of saturated fat

Java Monster Bean

There's the sugar, which at 35 grams total, is exorbitantly high. Next there's the sodium: One can has 460 milligrams or 20% of your daily total.

Doubleshot Energy

 This stuff will give you a jolt of energy from the 220 milligrams of caffeine and infusion of sugar as the name promises

Bomani Cold Buzz

It's just not a good idea to mix booze and coffee at the same time, as popular as beverages like Bomani's Cold Buzz have become

Pabst Blue Ribbon

One of the most iconic college beers also got into the coffee beverage game a few years ago. Again, with just 40 grams of caffeine

Super Coffee

One reason to pass on Kitu's mocha-flavored Super Coffee protein drink? Frankly, it's just not all that tasty

High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee makes some great coffees well worth your consideration and enjoyment, but their Vanilla Bean Triple Shot

Coca-Cola Coffee

From a health point of view, Coca-Cola with Coffee doesn't really send up many red flags. Sure, 18 grams of sugar is high

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