10 Worst 'Fiber-Rich' Foods

These [cookies and brownies] may be better than their fiber-free counterparts, they offer little else in the way of nutrition,"

Baked Goods with "Added Fiber"

While oats are one of the healthiest foods, instant oats are often loaded with added sugar, salt, and artificial coloring.

Quick Cook Oats

They have about 1.9 grams of fiber per slice, but it's not exactly a blessing for your bikini body. "It's a food trap; whole wheat bread actually does not have much fiber,

Whole Wheat Bread

Adding fiber to cottage cheese makes this a heavily -processed product. Stick with a basic cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese

Most of us are drinking more like a 12-ounce cup, which means 180 calories and 45 grams of carbs. Yikes! If you're looking to lose weight, stick with plain water.

High-Fiber Fruit Juice

Dried fruit is packed with nutrients, but is very easy to overeat and extremely high in sugar," says Hayim. "Instead, opt for whole, fresh fruit.

Dried Fruit

While you may still get the fiber from the vegetables—assuming they haven't been cooked out—the addition of cream can add upward of 300 calories

Creamed Vegetable Soups

 if you're not popping your own, or choosing an air-popped variety, chances are you're consuming fiber-rich popcorn that comes with a high-calorie and saturated fat content.

Microwave Popcorn

Fiber is naturally occurring in plant-based foods, so when you find it in something like ice cream, you know it was added in.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

According to Miller "One-fourth of a cup of granola is considered a serving which is about the size of a golf ball," she says.

High-Fiber Granola