11 High Fiber Foods You Should Eat

The chickpea is another type of legume that’s loaded with nutrients, including minerals and protein.Fiber content: 12.5 grams per cup of cooked chickpeas, or 7.6 per 100 grams

1. Chickpeas 

It’s loaded with many nutrients, including protein, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants, to name a few.Fiber content: 5.2 grams per cup of cooked quinoa, or 2.8 per 100 grams

2. Quinoa

They’re very high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.They contain a powerful soluble fiber called beta glucan, which has major beneficial effects on blood sugar and cholesterol levels

3. Oats

Air-popped popcorn is very high in fiber, calorie for calorie. However, if you add a lot of fat, the fiber-to-calorie ratio will decrease significantly.

4. Popcorn

They’re very high in many nutrients, including healthy fats, vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium. Almonds can also be made into almond flour for baking with a dose of extra nutrients.

5. Almonds

They’re highly nutritious, containing high amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.Chia seeds may also be the single best source of fiber on the planet.

6. Chia seeds

The sweet potato is a popular tuber that’s very filling and has a delicious sweet flavor. It’s very high in beta carotene, B vitamins, and various minerals.

7. Sweet potatoes

Dark chocolate is arguably one of the world’s most delicious foods.It’s also surprisingly high in nutrients and one of the most antioxidant- and nutrient-rich foods on the planet.

8. Dark chocolate

Lentils are very cheap and among the most nutritious foods. They’re very high in protein and loaded with many important nutrients.

9. Lentils

It’s loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, B vitamins, potassium, iron, and manganese and contains antioxidants and potent cancer-fighting nutrients.

10. Broccoli

Bananas are a good source of many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium.Fiber content: 3.1 grams in a medium-sized banana, or 2.6 grams per 100 grams

11. Bananas

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