11 Iconic World Breads Have to Try

Baguette Tradition - France

There's nothing quite like biting into a crusty French baguette. This long rounded loaf of bread is famous the world over. A symbol of France, it's a staple food 

Pão de queijo - Brazil

Pão de queijo are delightful Brazilian cheese buns, often enjoyed as a savory snack or breakfast food. Recipes across the country vary, but they almost always made from cassava

Shaobing - China

Shaobing is a popular bread or pastry of Northern Chinese origin, and it's one of the country's oldest traditional foods. Typically made with flour, yeast, sesame paste and sal

Sourdough - Pretty

Sourdough doesn't belong to any one culture, although the first recorded use of this type of bread dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. It is not  a bread but also a traditional

Arepas - Venezuela 

Found throughout many Central and South American countries, arepas are especially popular in Venezuelan and Colombian cuisines Other ingredients in the dough usually include water 

Bolani - Afghanistan

Despite being lesser known to world travelers due to the country's ongoing political turmoil, Afghan cuisine is rich, flavorful, fragrant and a very important aspect of the culture

Ciabatta - Italy

The rustic Italian bread known as ciabatta has a distinct wide, flat and elongated shape (hence its name, "slipper") with an airy hole-filled crumb and soft, chewy texture

Crumpets - UK

What could be more British than tea and crumpets? These small griddle breads are made from water or milk, flour and yeast and are known for their cratered surface and soft, spongy texture

Damper Bread - Australia

Australians are more well-known for their love of barbecue, but have you ever heard of their traditional camp bread known as damper? First made popular in the country 

Pita Bread - Middle East

Easily one of the most recognizable breads around the world, pita is a staple in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, known for its round,

Challah - Israel

Beautiful, fluffy braided challah bread is a specialty of Jewish origin, often served at Shabbat and on major Jewish holidays. Its main ingredients are eggs, fine white flour