11 Totally Tasty Substitutes for Bacon

If you’ve ever had prosciutto-wrapped asparagus where the prosciutto is nice and crispy, you already know it’s delicious, but you may not have considered just ditching the asparagus.


Beef bacon. Instead of being from the belly, though, beef bacon is cut from the short plate, with nice ribbons of fat running through it. What makes it a good substitute for pork-belly bacon

Beef bacon

Turkey bacon was probably the first widely-marketed pork bacon substitute. It’s pretty common in most grocery stores these days. If you’re not a fan of turkey bacon.

Turkey bacon 

Whether you pronounce it Capicola, Coppa or “gabagool” like Tony Soprano, Capicola is a delicious cured meat that crisps up nicely and, like prosciutto, can take the place of bacon pretty much


Bacon made from fish? Yes, and it tastes like fish. Salty, smokey fish. I like it a lot even though it really doesn’t taste like bacon. It doesn’t crisp like bacon.

Salmon bacon

I first made this a couple of years ago and I immediately thought it was fantastic. It’s best, in my opinion, served on a sandwich, like a BLAT made with whole grain bread.

Carrot  bacon

Tempeh is a go-to protein for a lot of vegans, and many vegan-friendly bacon substitutes are made from it. What is it? Why it’s fermented soy beans, of course yes.

Tempeh strips

And another groan emerges from the meat eaters. Seriously, though, “bacon” made from mushrooms is quite delicious, though, again, it’s not bacon, so temper your expectations.

Mushroom  bacon

Seitan, also known as wheat protein or wheat gluten, is very versatile. As long as you don’t mind losing the crunch of bacon, it can be a tasty alternative. 

Seitan  bacon

I know. This sounds weirder than weird. But if you’re looking for a crunchy, salty, smokey alternative to bacon for your next BLT, barbecue flavor potato chips are awesome

Barbecue-flavor potato chips

If you love crumbled bacon in your salads, you’re going to like bacon-flavored roasted chickpeas in them as well. They’re even delicious as a snack with a cold beer.


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