12 foods that are basically calorie-free

When a food is 95% water, it’s a solid sign there aren’t many calories involved. Such is the case with celery, which has only about 15 calories per cup. However


Chard, or Swiss chard, is a leafy green that’s similar to spinach but is actually a member of the beet family. It contains only 35 calories in a cup—and that’s a cup of chopped chard


They have even fewer calories. Jalapenos, for example, have about 13 calories in a half-cup serving, while serrano peppers have about 14 calories in the same serving size.

Chili peppers

All those recipes where cucumbers are used in place of tortilla chips, crackers, or other foods is for good reason—a cup of cucumber clocks in at just 16 calories.


Fennel is botanically in the carrot family but tastes like anise or black licorice. If that jives with you, you’re in luck, as every cup of sliced fennel has only 27 calories


Some folks still swear by the century-old “grapefruit diet”—a low-sugar, low-carb, low-calorie, and high-protein diet that includes eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice with meal.


Kale packs a slightly more plentiful portion of calories compared to other leafy greens, with a one-cup serving of chopped kale containing about 33 calories.


An entire cup of lettuce—bet it iceberg, bibb, red leaf, romaine, etc.—contains fewer than 10 calories. They’re mostly water, which explains the lack of calories


Sometimes you need a low-calorie snack that’s not just plain ol’ veggies. When you do, reach for a handful of popcorn. A one-cup serving of this fluffy treat contains just 31 calories.


Radishes, a root vegetable, can keep you looking ravishing—or at least help you look healthy. A one-cup serving clocks in at just 18 calories while boasting numerous vitamins


Spinach is great for salads, sandwiches, wraps, omelets, and so much more, including your health! Of course, if you’re cooking spinach, it will shrivel up, so you’ll need to use a hefty amount.


Summer squash—varieties that are harvested while still immature—have a host of health benefits in addition to low caloric content. Zucchini, for example, has 19 calories per cup

Summer squash

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