12 foods that have the most vitamin C


It makes sense that all three would appear in this list. And with a cup of cauliflower providing more than 50 mg of vitamin C

Chili peppers

They’re also a solid source of vitamin C. Green chili peppers have even more vitamin C—a staggering 109 mg per pepper compared to the red variety’s 65 mg. 


Guava is a bonafide superfood, boasting numerous antioxidants as well as copper, folic acid, manganese, potassium, and vitamins A and C. And it’s not just a bit of vitamin C


One cup of kale contains about as much vitamin C as an orange. There aren’t many other similarities between these foods, as oranges are sweet and delicious right off the tree


Despite being a relatively small fruit, kiwis contain a big dose of vitamin C. One kiwi has about 64 mg, which is nearly the entire daily requirement for women


One whole lemon contains 83 mg of vitamin C, which is about what you need in a day. However, we don’t know many people who eat entire lemons, including the peels


Consider adding lychees to your next smoothie, juice, salad, or jelly batch, as each one contains about 7 mg of vitamin C. 


Man, we love mango. It’s tasty, it transports us to a tropical place, and it’s a healthy snack, too. Mangoes are said to be good for digestion, they contain both potassium and magnesium


In the least surprising statement of this entire slideshow: oranges are high in vitamin C. “How high?” you might ask. The average orange contains 70 mg


Sensing a theme with tropical fruits? Papaya isn’t bucking any trends here, as it also provides some vitamin C power. One cup of papaya packs 87 mg of vitamin C


Peas are an excellent source of vitamin C—specifically the sugar snap pea and snow pea varieties. You can expect about 60 mg of vitamin C per cup


Don’t let anyone tell you potatoes are just empty calories. Deep-frying potatoes (and anything else) adds empty calories, but the tubers themselves contain fiber, potassium, vitamin B6

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