12 light weeknight meals

1. Miso ramen

This bowl of soupy, comforting goodness is low fat and comes in at well under 500 calories

2. Griddled prawn Thai salad with a peanut dressing

Swapping full-fat coconut milk for the reduced-fat version in the dressing will also cut a few extra calories

3. Shaking beef salad

This lighter way of serving steak – with a fresh Asian salad and a punchy marinade – is full of flavor.

4. Smoky bean and monkfish stew

Smoky stew is the epitome of all that's healthy about the Mediterranean diet.

5. Spiced prawn tacos with strawberry and avocado salsa

Slimline grilled prawns team up with a fresh, vitamin C-packed strawberry and avocado salsa. 

6. Cod in parcels

Steam pieces of firm cod this way with tomatoes, garlic and cilantro for an aromatic dish that's good for the waistline.

7. Green baked eggs

Eggs provide hunger-busting protein and a host of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D.

8. Spring veg risotto

Green veg brings freshness to a risotto – and Marco Pierre White's version is light on higher fat ingredients like butter and cheese

9. Salade Niçoise

The high protein content of this classic French salad helps make it extra filling.

10. Low-fat Sichuan beef

This Sichuan beef recipe is low in fat and high in protein. the dish provide vitamin A and vitamin C

11. Pork bolognese

Ground pork is lower in saturated fat – which can raise blood cholesterol – than ground beef.

12. Chicken with apple and chestnuts

 This one-pot dish is healthy comfort food, rich in the B vitamins that we need to release energy from food.

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