12 Dangerous Side Effects of Energy Drinks

caffeine intoxication

Consuming too much caffeine can result in acute caffeine intoxication, a condition that leads to people experiencing things like vomiting, seizures, increased heartbeat

experience heart trouble

Irregular heartbeat is a common concern for regular energy drink consumers and general caffeine consumers alike. 

trouble sleeping

Enter an energy drink, which can cause sleeplessness—wash, rinse, and repeat. In addition to energy drinks, if you can't sleep, Avoid These 17 Foods That Keep You Up at Night.

feel nervous

Consuming energy drinks is linked to increased nervousness. If you are generally a more anxious person, regularly drinking these beverages

partake in other risky behavior

It is becoming more commonplace for people to combine energy drinks with other less-healthful substances, whether it is alcohol, cannabis, or tobacco.

not realize you are intoxicated

Combining the stimulation of the caffeine with the depressant effect of the alcohol has been linked to impaired perception of one's state of drunkenness

experience fertility challenges

When a couple is trying to conceive, oftentimes the female's diet is monitored with a microscope. But the male's side of the equation is equally as important.

Increased blood pressure

Drinking energy drinks can increase systolic blood pressure within a brief period of time after drinking. If you are trying to manage your blood pressure in a healthy way

Increase blood glucose

Drinking energy drinks may cause your blood sugars to increase—an effect that people with diabetes certainly should look out for.

negatively affect dental health

Since energy drinks are often made with sugar and the pH values are below the critical value (5.5) associated with dental erosion, drinking them can wreak

increase risk of obesity

Drinking sugary drinks does not support weight management goals. And specifically, regularly drinking energy drinks can increase your risk of developing obesity.

heartburn worse

Stimulants like caffeine can make acid reflux symptoms flare-up. So if you suffer from heartburn and are downing energy drinks like there is no tomorrow

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