14 Beloved Fast-Food Items That Returned After Huge Customer Demand

Taco Bell withdrew Mexican Pizza off its menu in 2020, causing outrage. This stacked tortilla came back on the menu less than a year later and remains today.

Taco Bell: Mexican Pizza

The French Toast Sandwich returns to Burger King's menu in spring 2021. Many are happy, but it's uncertain whether the sandwiches will remain.

Burger King: French Toast Sandwich

Deep-dish Detroit-Style Pizza has toppings and cheese to the edges. The business made the pizzas permanent after selling out nationally.

Pizza Hut: Detroit-Style Pizza

Mashed likes Wendy's hot nuggets. Chance the Rapper wanted the nuggets back. Nuggets are old.

Wendy's: Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Taco Bell gained consumers with toasted Breakfast Burritos. Cheesy, Hash Brown, and Grande Toasted Breakfast Burritos returned in 2021.

Toasted Breakfast Burritos

In the 1980s and 1990s, Hardee's Roast Beef Sandwich was a menu staple. The company brought back the sandwich in April 2019 after customer requests.

Hardee's: Roast Beef Sandwich

STL Today says McDonald's customers wanted Hi-C Orange for four years. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst was resurrected in 2021.

McDonald's: Hi-C

Wendy's Baconator Fries were a 2015 limited-time success. Fans were furious when just the Baconator burger remained. Baconator Fries became permanent in 2016.

Wendy's: Baconator Fries

Taco Bell reinstated Cheese Fiesta Potatoes in March 2021, a year after eliminating them during the pandemic. They're a vegetarian option on a meat-heavy menu.

Taco Bell: Cheese Fiesta Potatoes

KFC Chicken Littles are under $0.40. KFC's 1990s absence saddened fans. KFC Snacker 2005. Many people prefer the 2012 comeback of the 1980s Littles.

KFC: Chicken Littles

Wendy's Taco Salad is 40-years-old. "More than a salad, it's a meal" was its 1982 tagline. In 2010, the "meal" salad was discontinued. Wendy's brought back the Taco Salad in 2016.

Wendy's: Taco Salad

Fans relished battered, deep-fried chicken fries. TIME reports they were outraged when the company stopped making "fries" in 2012. In 2014, BK revived Chicken Fries.

Burger King: Chicken Fries

Untrue. Popular in 1986: Eggnog Latte. The company faced controversy when it discontinued the drink in 2014, Eater reported.

Starbucks: Eggnog Latte

In 2020, corporate eliminated the roast beef sandwich, shocking customers and franchisees. Statistics, not customer desire, influenced the decision. 

Subway: Roast Beef Sandwich

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