15 traditionally British foods

1. Scotch eggs

A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. A trusty picnic snack

2. Ribena

Ribena also comes in squash form, a concentrated syrup that is diluted with water to make a drink.

3. Walkers prawn cocktail crisps

Prawn cocktail crisps do not exactly taste like prawns or shrimp, but rather the cocktail sauce itself. They taste slightly sour and sweet at the same time.

4. British-made Cadbury chocolate

the American version is often criticized for being too sweet. However, Hershey, which owns both brands, has said there is virtually no difference in the ingredients.

5. Branston pickle

Branston pickle, which is made from a mix of chopped vegetables and pickled in vinegar, makes the ultimate addition to a cheese and pickle sandwich.

6. Cornish pasties

The pasty, a real heart warmer, is filled with meat, potatoes, and onions. Pasties from Greggs, a bakery chain in the UK, are a favorite among locals.

7. Meat pies

They are best served with thick gravy and chunky chips and washed down with a pint of ale.

8. Nando's

Every self-respecting Brit has been for a "cheeky Nando's," which refers to the casual, Portuguese-inspired restaurant chain that is famous for its Peri-Peri chicken.

9. Yorkshire puddings

It is most often paired with a beef roast and lashings of gravy but is increasingly served with every meat choice at pubs on a Sunday. 

10. Bacon

UK supermarkets sell multiple forms of bacon: smoked, unsmoked, streaky, back rashers, thick-cut, or thin.

11. Heinz baked beans

Beans for breakfast might seem odd at first, but it's a favorite dish for many Brits.

12. HP brown sauce

The tangy brown sauce is best served in a bacon or sausage bap, and there is no true American equivalent to this delicious condiment. 

13. Earl Grey TEa

herbal teas are popular in America, it's not as easy to find "normal" breakfast teabags in the states.

14. crumpet

They are best served slathered in butter or even Marmite

15. British butter

British butter, and European butter in general, has a higher fat content than American butter.

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