15 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

The weight rack is a sure-fire way to make those gains, incorporating enough protein in your diet will help you maintain muscle.

Diet With Protein

Participants who drank about 17 ounces of water experienced a 30-percent increase in their metabolic


A Brazilian study found that intermittent fasting (IF) had a positive effect on the metabolism and heart—and resulted in weight loss

Intermittent Fasting

You've whipped up an egg-white omelet for yourself, but avoiding the darker part of the protein isn't doing any wonders for your waistline

Toss the Yolk

Adding black beans to your diet can help manage post-meal metabolic responses, delaying of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Your Omelet

your carbs for the p.m. One Israeli study found that participants who ate most of their carbs at night lost more weight

Reserve Carbs

 Happy hours are one of the best dietary sources of thyroid-protecting zinc, a mineral that helps your metabolism hum

Shuck Oysters

A single nut packs in your daily recommended amount of selenium. "Many folks with thyroid issues are deficient in this crucial antioxidant

Nut Daily

Dish from the Italian restaurant down the block? Thinking about ordering the eggs benedict with a side of fries at brunch


Science has proven that several meal additions such as peppers, paprika, chili, garlic and  mustard can help you boost your metabolism

Kick Up the Heat

You should avoid bakery muffins and swap white bread for whole-grain in your sandwich. But why are these refined carbs

Refined Carbs

Adding that unsalted nuts, apples, bananas, chia bars, and protein bars are all great choices Ways to Boost Your Metabolism.

Healthy Snacks

That carb-sweetened beverages could increase postprandial insulin response, leading to a reduction in lipolysis and fat oxidation


Artificially-sweetened beverages were way more likely to gain weight or become obese compared to those who didn't imbibe

Artificial Sweeteners

Before breakfast or boiling rice in it (a must-try!), making green tea your everyday go-to will give your metabolism the jumpstart it

Green Tea

High Potassium Foods FOR Muscles