4 Health Benefits of Taking Salmon Oil

Salmon oil may help give you radiant, healthy skin. This is largely due to the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils. Research has shown that consuming omega-3s

It may promote healthy skin.

can help protect your skin from sun damage, reduce dry skin and itching caused by dermatitis, and even expedite wound healing processes.

While a new study questioned whether or not fish oil actually effective in protecting against cardiovascular disease arguing that it's largely dependent on genetic makeup

It could improve heart health.

Some studies have linked the type of omega-3 fatty acid that salmon is naturally rich in—docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)—to reduced blood triglycerides and even harmful LDL cholesterol particles.

As you age, your brain becomes more prone to inflammation, according to a review published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.

It could support brain health.

So it's even more important that you consume omega-3 fatty acids as you get older to help combat that inflammation.

Research has indicated that omega-3 fatty acids can help play a role in the development of healthy eyes and good vision during childhood.

It may play a role in eye health

However, it may also help you preserve vision throughout adulthood, too. One study reported that DHA prevented age-related vision loss in lab mice.