4 New Sandwiches You'll See at Arby's

1. Crispy Fish Sandwich

The classic Arby's offering during Lenten season, this sandwich is a must as soon as spring rolls around. It's made with a crispy filet of wild-caught Alaskan Pollock,

tartar sauce, and iceberg lettuce, on a toasted sesame bun. Arby's entered the fish sandwich category as far back as 2001, as a direct challenger to McDonald's Filet-O-Fish.

Arby's has brought back another fish favorite, a fancier and much-beloved take on its fish sandwich classic. The King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe Sandwich

2. King's Hawaiian Fish Deluxe

swaps out the sesame bun for a toasted King's Hawaiian roll. It is layered with a crispy fish filet, Cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce.

And making its debut for Lenten season 2022 is the Spicy Fish Sandwich. It comes with a fish filet covered in spicy seasoning

3. Spicy Fish Sandwich

and is topped with roasted jalapeƱos, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and tartar sauce, served on to a toasted sesame bun.

While there are some conflicting reports about whether this sandwich is actually available at Arby's year-round,

4. Double Stacked Reuben

 some outlets have declared it has recently returned to the menu. Either way, you can currently enjoy one of these bad boys at nationwide locations.