4 Worst Taco Bell Items Customers Say

Dessert options at Taco Bell are limited as is, which in and of itself is a gripe for Reddit users, but some just say that the cinnamon-sugar crisps are lackluster.

1. Cinnamon Twists

"My fiancé loves the twists, but I don't get it," says one commenter. "Taco Bell really needs a good dessert option." Another customer adds that, while they don't hate the twists,

they prefer the Cinnabon Delights, although they wish the portion options were a little more accommodating.Then the texture issue, with one user saying they taste like you're chewing packing peanuts.

some Reddit users agree. "I love tbell, but if I were to get something like that I would go to chipotle," says one commenter.

2. Power Bowls

Another customer says that Power Bowls slap if you get a good one, but are way too expensive. "If you start making substitutions or adding things, it can be close to $7 alone," they say

Several other commenters jump on the bandwagon, with most saying they actually like Power Bowls, but the universal consensus is that they're too pricey. "I find it too expensive too for a TB item,"

On paper, a tortilla rolled with cheese sounds pretty perfect, but many Reddit users aren't too thrilled about them. "I think everyone can agree the cheesy roll up sucks,"

3. Cheesy Roll-Ups

Another adds that, by themselves, the Cheesy Roll-Ups simply don't cut it, but they hack it by unrolling them and wrapping them around crunchy tacos.

For value specifically, another user says these are the worst. "It's literally a shell and cheese, $1 is almost too much."

Nacho Fries are extremely popular, no argument there. However, users say they can wildly vary in quality, with one user going so far to say they taste like they're cooked by a microwave

4. Nacho Fries

"I have never had a Nacho fry that wasn't room temp/cold when I ordered them," decries one commenter. "I'm sure they're great, but the Taco Bell's I go to never make them fresh."

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