5 Best Fast-Food for Abdominal Fat Loss

At breakfast time, a yogurt parfait is always an easy grab-and-go meal.

1. Starbucks Fresh Blueberries and Honey Greek Yogurt Parfait

A well-designed study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that calcium and vitamin D promoted the loss of visceral fat in overweight and obese adults.

You'll find both these important nutrients in Greek yogurt. Meanwhile, the blueberries that top this tasty parfait sweeten the deal for your waistline.

Research shows that inflammation and overweight go hand in hand, so choosing salmon could boost weight loss in general.

2. Long John Silver's Seasoned Grilled Salmon Taco

Plus, salmon is a great source of vitamin D—one of the key nutrients for trimming visceral fat. And since it's not fried or slathered in sauce, this svelte salmon taco clocks in at just 180 calories.

Like salmon, tuna is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats and packs a punch of vitamin D. It's also got plenty of protein,.

3. Jimmy John's Totally Tuna on Thick-Sliced Wheat

When customizing your tuna sub, be sure to say yes to fresh veggies like cucumbers, tomato, and lettuce. They'll add weight-loss-friendly fiber and anti-inflammatory nutrients to your meal.

 A small 2021 study on older men found that those who bulked up on protein had significant reductions in visceral fat.

4. Panera's Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken

The tasty green salad serves up 37 grams of protein from mostly lean sources.But pass on the bacon crumbles Fresh tomatoes, ripe avocado,and a bed of leafy greens complete the pro-weight loss picture

Black beans top tons of lists of foods for melting stubborn belly fat.Brimming with nutrients like iron and magnesium

5. Chipotle Veggie Salad with Brown Rice, Black Beans, and Fresh Tomato Salsa

and packed with fiber, they're a can't-go-wrong plant-based protein. Several studies have associated a higher-fiber diet with weight loss and better diet adherence.

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