7 'Japanese' Foods No One Eats

California Rolls

As the story goes, the chef at the restaurant was looking for a replacement for tuna and used avocado and cooked crab to give the roll seafood flavor without actually using raw fish,

Sweetened Green Tea

Green tea, or matcha, is a trendy ingredient that Americans will add to just about anything thanks to the impressive list of health benefits and the deep grassy flavor.

But Japanese people never drink sweetened green tea. According to Matsuo, "Japanese people do not add sugar to green tea. Rather, they prefer bitter tea."

This thick brown sauce is often ladled over chicken, steak, vegetables, and anything else Americans can think of, but in Japan, it's not used. 

Teriyaki Sauce

Diners sit around a flat griddle with other people they do not know, while a chef prepares their meal of steak, shrimp, chicken, vegetables, fried rice, noodles

Hibachi Restaurants

"There is very little spice in Japan," says Horiuchi. Instead, Japanese people prefer to eat sushi with just a few ingredients such as seaweed, raw fish, and vinegared rice.

Spicy Fish Sushi Rolls

Sushi is often served with a ton of extra ingredients like spicy mayo and eel sauce. In Japan, the sauces are frivolous ingredients that are not added to sushi.

Sushi Sauces and Extra Ingredients

that are not added to sushi. Extra toppings like avocado, mango, crunchy bits, and tobiko are also never added in Japan.

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