8 Healthy Hot Dogs

Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

Juicy grass-fed beef sourced from small scale organic farms is bundled up with an inspiring spice blend to give you some serious ammo for your grill

The main health argument for splurging on grass-fed links is the research showing the meat is lower in stuff you want less of like saturated fat

Pork Stadium Hot Dog

This winner wiener should not just be celebrated for what it contains, a protein packed mix of antibiotic-free pork and beef

 They belong more in a chemistry lab than on your grill. And at a humble 110 calories a dog, you’ve got room for extra toppings.

Chicken Hot Dogs

If you like the idea of grilling up a calorie- and fat-stingy hot dog with plenty of muscle-building protein, this chicken dog is a stellar choice

It is just pure chicken breast and thigh meat that is imbued with a touch of smoky flavor. Bonus points for capping sodium levels

Fearless Uncured Franks

For when you just want a dog with big, bold beefy flavor that will hold its own under whatever condiments you pile on

The brand is praised for sourcing its meat from animals raised with tender care and these uncured  links are already cooked

Sausage, Hot Italian

Compared to many other “not dogs” out there, this plant-based sausage packs in healthy amounts of protein  and tastes close enough 

Foods at the expense of some of the meat in a diet can slash the risk for death from certain diseases. With 500mg sodium

Fat Beef Franks

Hebrew National enjoys a cult following among hot dog aficionados, and these lesser fat links won’t disappoint.

The kosher beef dogs have classic flavor along with great snap on the outside and are plump and juicy on the inside—everything lower fat hot dogs usually aren’t.

Life Choices

Made with free-range, antibiotic-free chicken meat, these smoky-tasting dogs will keep your muscles well-fed by delivering twice as much protein as fat

There is about a third less saturated fat as that found in standard ball park links. Lean chicken breast is paired with some thigh meat

Bun Beef Hot Dogs

With these full length dogs you won’t have to suffer the disappointment of starting out by biting into nothing but doughy bread

The Nutrition Facts panel screams zero carbs, which is a tip-off that the 100% grass-fed and certified humane beef has not been sullied by any sugar

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