8 Old-Fashioned Nutrition Guidelines You Should Never Follow

Don't eat ingredients you can't pronounce

Don't follow this old proverb. "This was a hard-and-fast dietary guideline for a time, but it doesn't have any affect," says dietitian Melissa Mitri.

Carbs are the enemy

Mitri supports arbs. Mitri explains, "Many diets blame carbohydrates, yet we need them." She advises fiber-rich whole grains, fruits, and veggies.

A calorie is a calorie

Mitri says the classic statement "a calorie is a calorie" might be harmful. "Calories aren't created equal, and where they come from is more significant,

Shop only the perimeter of the grocery store

"Shop the perimeter of the grocery store" is a proverb that says aisles are less healthful.

Don't swim right after eating

Muscle contractions reduce blood sugar by absorbing glucose. Washuta suggests exercising 30-45 minutes after eating to lower hyperglycemia.

Low-fat dairy is best for weight loss

Sugar increases insulin, the fat-storage hormone, which can lead to weight gain

Consuming red meat is unhealthy

red meat is considered unhealthy. Red meat eaten in moderation, however, could be good for you.


Cutting out all fats from your diet may hurt you in the long run. "Fats are essential to our diet, like other nutrients

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