9 WAYS Bananas Can Help You Lose Weight

Healthier and give you energy

Bananas Can Help You Lose WeightIf you eat your bananas whilst they are still a little under-ripe  you actually attain a dense source of gut-healthy prebiotic resistant 

This impedes one of the usual fat storage mechanisms in your body, and instead, you are able to feel fuller for longer, and may even eat less at your next meal

Bananas have fiber

Bananas have gotten a bad rap in the nutrition world due to their higher carbohydrate content in a carb-phobic world a media spokesperson for the NY State Academy of Nutrition

Bananas can actually help you lose weight if eaten as part of a balanced diet. A medium banana contains 3 grams of total fiber and 0.6 grams of soluble fiber, helping you to feel fuller

Sweet healthy dessert.

Bananas can help you lose weight by incorporating them into your eating habits as a good replacement for sweets/desserts," says Ricci-Lee Holtz, RD and expert at Testing.com

Bananas can help with overeating

Bananas are full of soluble fiber, pectin, and resistant starch, which reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness post-banana."


Bananas help with blood sugar levels.

Bananas improve insulin sensitivity, which helps the body process glucose more efficiently, thereby reducing weight

Bananas can assist with sleep

Improvements in sleep can help boost energy throughout the day for more efficient workouts and improved eating," says Best

Bananas help with workouts

Your workouts may be more efficient due to fewer muscle cramps as well," says Best. "Muscle cramps can be associated with an electrolyte imbalance,

They're low in calories, but rich in nutrients.

Bananas are full of fiber which helps keep you full and stabilize blood sugar making them a great food for weight loss. They are also rich in  potassium

Help prevent belly bloat

It doesn't reduce weight directly but helps to prevent bloating, control appetite, and it is a good replacement for processed sugar."