A Complete Guide to Le Creuset Doufeu

The word “Doufeu” derives from the French language and means “gentle heat.”.

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Le Creuset is a famous brand dedicated to making superior French cookware.


You can only put three fingers through the handles of Le Creuset Doufeu, while you can comfortably put the four-finger through the lodge. 


You’re going to notice little bumps inside the lid, and these little bumps are actually to help condensation drip back down onto your food.


The base of le Creuset Doufeu has smooth finishing. During cooking, the heat got quickly diffused due to smoothness. 

How Le Creuset Work? 

As moisture starts to evaporate inside the Le Creuset Doufeu, the ice-stuffed lid causes this moisture to condense. 

How Le Creuset Work? 

Specifically designed dimples at the flat interior of the top then direct the moisture go into reverse onto the food. . 


1. Heavy pot, perfect for slow-cooking food.
2. Enamel finish
3. Convex shape lid that can be filled with ice cubes creates condensation in the pot


4. Suitable on every type of heat source.
5. Nutrients and flavors stay in food. 
6. Lifetime warranty 


1. The price is relatively high
2. Weighty to lift, even without food. 

  You can roast chicken, make a fondue, bake a cake or make a soup. If you want your food to stay moist or flavorful, this is the best option for you. 

Le Creuset Doufeu

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