Always Avoid These At the Grocery Store

Bottled water

Unless you're dealing with unsafe drinking water, bottled water is an unnecessary expense that can add up quickly. While it's portable and convenient

Pre-sliced fruits and veggies

If you can cut and prepare your own produce, paying a premium for packaging and convenience isn’t worth the cash or the toll on the Earth.

Salad dressing

You're ditching all the added fat, sugar, and calories that come in the bottled brands, which essentially make eating salads in the first place a waste of time.

Pre-packaged deli meats

Don't trust the food dates on packaged meat. It's not uncommon for workers to simply repackage the products that are about to expire and simply replace the sticker date


Grocery stores know that exhausted parents still have to get supplies for the week. That's why, among many other items, they mark up diapers, since it's far easier for shoppers to buy things

Shredded cheese

Buying a block of cheese and grating it yourself is cheaper — plus, there are countless additives sprinkled into the pre-shredded packages.


If you really want to grab supplements, they can be obtained much more cheaply elsewhere, and in larger quantities. Their effectiveness is still very much up in the air anyway,

Organic fruits and vegetables

Most produce that's labeled "organic" at the grocery store is typically marked up, with a price to match. If you're really concerned about the label.

Baked goods

Sure, walking past the bakery section is tempting — those cookies and perfectly decorated cupcakes are calling your name — but you should skip the sweet stuff.

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