Antioxidant Rich Foods, Fruits & Vegetables

Dark Chocolate

Its high antioxidant content makes it a popular choice among people of all age groups; after all, everyone loves a bar of good dark chocolate!


Walnut is rich in fiber and unsaturated fats. It’s one of the healthiest nuts and also is very high in antioxidants. Walnut also has a good amount of polyphenol content 

 Green Tea

Green tea is filled with antioxidants and has been a popular choice for a long time now! It also contains polyphenols that maximize the benefits of green tea for you


Pecans contain a good amount of minerals and antioxidants. It has been observed in many studies that a person’s body can absorb the antioxidants from pecans


Oats are a healthy breakfast option and are consumed by millions of people worldwide. It’s filled with nutritious nuts, cereals, and dry fruits and is packed with antioxidants


A kale salad is a popular favorite amongst health-conscious people. This leafy and crunchy vegetable has been an integral part of the dinner table since Roman times


Cauliflower needs no introduction when it comes to healthy eating; this leafy vegetable is packed with lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals


Plums are amazingly delicious and loved by many people. This sweet-tasting fruit also comes with lots of awesome health benefits


Oregano makes pizza taste delicious but it comes with lots of health benefits. This delicious herb has been a part of some of the most amazing dishes since time immemorial


Goji berries

Goji berries are a unique and flavorful type of berries that have enamored people from all over the world. Since ancient times they have been used for their exquisite taste


Strawberries, just like blueberries, contain anthocyanins that have antioxidant powers. This fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients and contains many essential vitamins and minerals


Raspberries are a great food source of vitamin c and lots of antioxidants. This low-calorie fruit is great if you are diet conscious


Spinach is a low-calorie and food high in antioxidants. The best part is that spinach can be made in any way you like and has a rich and earthy flavor

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