Best Foods For Beautiful Skin

A good source of: BiotinWhy it’s good for you: Boosts hydration for dry skin. Also helps to prevent brittle nails and hair.

1. Avocado

A good source of: Anti-oxidant called PolyphenolsWhy it’s good for you: Improves the skin’s texture and clears your complexion. For best results have 4-5 cups daily.

2. Green tea

A good source of: Anti-oxidant called LycopeneWhy it’s good for you: Helps prevent sun damage to skin and also protects it from free radicals.

3. Tomatoes

A good source of: Omega 3 fatty acids and a carotenoid called astaxanthinWhy it’s good for you: Improves skin’s elasticity and reduces fine lines.

4. Salmon

A good source of: ProteinWhy it’s good for you: Protects and repairs skin cells. Prevents dryness.

5. Eggs

 Good source of: Anti-oxidant that promotes production of collagen. Why it’s good for you: Apart from collagen, it improves immunity, reduces cholesterol and enhances blood circulation.

6. Pomegranate

A good source of: Omega-3 fatty acids Why it’s good for you: Smooth, radiant and youthful skin. What more could you ask for?

7. Walnuts 

 A good source of: Protein Why it’s good for you: Repair and regeneration of skin cells and collagen.

8. Beans (legumes)

Good source of: Monounsaturated fatty acids and anti-oxidant polyphenols Why it good for you: Because of the presence of such fatty acid, olive oil provides a youthful boost to the skin.

9. Olive oil

 A good source of: Cocoa flavanols which has anti-oxidant properties. Why it’s good for you: Hydrates skin and improves circulation.

10. Dark chocolate