BEST McDonald's Newest Sandwich

With the cannabis market thriving publicly like never before, this year's 4/20 is looking like a solid gold opportunity for business owners

Some businesses have decided to embrace this approach to draw in customers, such as Wingstop WING. The chain recently announced a special flavor 

But of course, after said product is imbibed, many are looking for the next thing on their minds: Food. called Blazed & Glazed, which will be offered at its locations between April 18 and April 22.

While THC-free, the flavor is made with hemp seeds, terpenes, strawberry, and cayenne pepper. new items that are particularly eye-catching. 

"Some of our biggest fans aren't just pairing their favorite wings with seasoned fries," Marisa Carona, Wingstop's chief growth officer, said in a statement.

While Wingstop's promotion is sure to draw in a knowing giggle from some of its customers, other brands prefer a more tongue-in-cheek approach, simply debuting

Because if there's any good time to whip out the most insane fast-food creation that the R&D department could come up with, this is that day.

So let's say you start out with a golden-fried chicken patty flavored with ginger and soy sauce. Then, you add a creamy tartar sauce and crispy cabbage.

Finally, you sandwich the whole thing between two "buns" made of white rice and perfectly grilled to be crispy on the outsid

That's what you'll get when you order the Rice Chicken Tatsuta, a wildly innovative new sandwich debuting at McDonald's

McDonald's is known for it's all-American staples in the states, and those recipes have varied very little since they hit the menu in the '60s.

It's clearly a profitable approach for that audience, but outside the states, consumers are more open to try unusual new culinary inventions.

And while the chain's performance in Japan hasn't skyrocketed since 2017, it has stayed in the green with moderate improvements over the last few years.