Best Protein Shake for Weight Loss

protein shakes always have an air of healthiness, don't let them fool you. When it comes to picking the best protein shake for weight loss

The majority of protein powders are packed with additives and sweeteners. If a product has a significant amount of added sugar

the resulting sugar spike and "crash" that may come from drinking it may not be worth it for your goals.

Specifically, for weight loss, these added sugars can really sneak up on you throughout the day when I venture down the supplement aisle

While artificial sweeteners do not contribute any extra calories, they may have indirect effects on your metabolism and appetite cutes

Alternatives to sugar may not meet your needs either: artificial sweeteners when consumed in moderation are generally recognized as safe

However, many choose to avoid them due to associating them with headaches, stomach upset, and an increase in cravings. like stevia, monk fruit

Digestibility is another major concern with protein supplements. Commonly, protein supplements are derived from dairy or soy-based options

Options within these categories are whey, casein, and soy protein isolate. While many people do not have digestive repercussions with these varieties of protein

If you're looking for a protein powder that checks all the boxes, I recommend Orgain Organic Protein

They use a plant-based formula using pea protein, brown rice, and chia seeds which includes all essential amino acids.

They sweeten the shakes with organic stevia and erythritol to provide a lightly sweet taste that doesn't leave a weird aftertaste.

They are highly digestible as their line of protein supplements are dairy and soy free.If you prefer to find an unsweetened option

Their line of naturally unsweetened protein is a great alternative. And if you want more comparisons, take a look

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