Best Recipes for Instant Vitamin D Boost

Between the eggs and the salmon, you get a double-dose of vitamin D in this classic breakfast scramble!

Eggs with Salmon

This recipe with wild-caught salmon, keep in mind that a 3.5 oz. serving of it contains 988 IU of vitamin D—124%

Salmon with Roasted Asparagus

A different take on your usually roasted salmon with Moroccan spices and quinoa pilaf.

Salmon with Quinoa Pilaf

Healthy salmon recipes to boost your vitamin D intake, here's a roast salmon recipe served with hearty lentils

Salmon with Lentils

smoked salmon right from the package by adding it to this sandwich—the perfect healthy alternative to a bagel with lox

Salmon Sandwich

Salmon and eggs one go is this smoked salmon Boursin frittata—the perfect vitamin D brunch for the weekend

Salmon and Boursin Frittata

Enjoy smoked salmon for lunch with this easy-to-prep bean and green salad.

Pink, and Green Salad

Vitamin D for a snack? These smoked salmon bites make it look easy!

Salmon Bites

This grilled salmon recipe is perfectly paired with cooked chickpeas for a different take on your usual salmon dinner

Salmon with Chickpeas

Skip the usual burger and opt for a boost of vitamin D with this easy-to-make miso salmon burger!

Salmon & Spinach Burgers

Mushrooms and eggs are both vitamin D boosters recipe makes getting your vitamin D look easy.

Eggs with Mushroom

 when you consider that two eggs can provide you with 74 IU of vitamin D, which is around 10% of your DV.

Egg Sandwich

Another vitamin D snack to consider—deviled eggs! They also make for a great appetizer.

Smoky Deviled Eggs

Throw an egg on it is our motto when it comes to adding all kinds of nutrients into your meal—like protein and vitamin D!

Eggs and Prosciutto