best retro recipes from every decade

Whether or not you consider it a meal, microwave popcorn deserves a mention because of how it was invented: accidentally

1946: microwave popcorn

The electric blender gained popularity in post-Second World War kitchens – as this fascinating 1947 pamphlet

1947: milk smoothies

Or Spam ‘n’ anything, to be honest. Though invented in 1937, the wartime staple was taken to new heights when rationing ended

1948: Spam ‘n’ pancakes

This early celebrity chef was actually a fictional character and first gained popularity towards the end of the 1940s

1949: Betty Crocker’s

Upside-down cakes – where the fruit is layered at the bottom and the cake is upturned once baked – have been around a little longer

1950: pineapple upside

This sticky, sweet dessert was invented at legendary New Orleans restaurant Brennan’s, and it’s still a staple on the menu today

1951: bananas Foster

The company released ads with recipes for Party Mix (later switching the name to Chex Mix) in the 1950s

1952: Chex Mix

This sandwich filler and baked-spud topper is made with chicken and sultanas smothered in creamy, curry-flavored sauce

1953: coronation chicken

Popular US brand Swanson wasn’t the first to produce lap trays with separate compartments for peas, potatoes, meat and so on

1954: TV dinners

After appearing on a list of Germany’s best cakes in 1949, in the following decade Black Forest gâteau was in recipe books everywhere

1955: Black Forest gâteau

Processed cheese spread on crackers topped with pickled onions and olives, that's what. As demonstrated in this 1956

1956: Cheez Whiz canapés

fast food creation actually pre-dates the Big Mac by 10 years. With a flame-grilled beef patty, thick slices of tomato and onion

1957: Whopper

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