Burger King Bets Big On Its Ugly New Burger

These days Burger King really is earning its name, especially when it comes to taking wacky, wildly creative chances in the fast food market.

It's created some truly bizarre products worldwide in its efforts to innovate and stand out from the pack, including its one pound King Yeti burger and its Big Mouth line.

It's worth noting that both sandwiches are easily larger than the average human mouth, which is the kind of thing food vloggers making their living on YouTube simply go bananas for.

One of its efforts from 2020 was such a hit, in fact, that it's returned for an encore performance. But unlike the typical fast-food presentation of a perfectly-styled burger glistening

With layers of crisp lettuce and thick-cut tomatoes and topped with a too-smooth bun of buttery perfection, this one is more ... personality-driven, shall we say?

The Ugly burger made its debut in Japan in September 2020. It looked like a fairly straightforward loaded cheeseburger at first

Except for one thing: The bun had a bumpy, burned-looking appearance both top and bottom, almost as if it had been burned under a heat lamp.

Technically, that description wasn't wrong, because what was melted onto the bun was cheese. Multiple cheeses, in fact, including gouda, egmont, mozzarella

And while it certainly didn't look attractive, food bloggers praised the flavor and flocked to their local BKs to buy these hideous creations.

Soon enough new versions were spawned, including chili, shrimp, and chicken (the latter earned the memorable name "Chicken De Ugly.")

Layered dips that  feed the entire team